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POV Docuseries

by Western Sydney Fashion Festival
19 – 30 July 2022
The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre

POV Docuseries is a three-part short film series by Western Sydney Fashion Festival.

The first two episodes, featuring Armando by Armando Crisostomo, GTAB by Ginan Tabbouch, will be available to view at The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre this July.

Featuring ‘in-conversation’ interviews with two local designers, Armando by Armando Crisostomo and GTAB by Ginan Tabbouch, POV unravels each designers personal experiences, from the beginning of their design journey through to the present day.

POV was created by Western Sydney Fashion Festival to accompany their live event in June this year.

Founded in 2015 by local community as a counter-movement against mainstream fashion runways, the Western Sydney Fashion Festival showcases new pieces by local designers while increasing accessibility and inclusion within Sydney’s fashion industry, Western Sydney Fashion Festival is a celebration of Western Sydney’s cultural diversity and multidisciplinary creative talent.

Ankara Pride is also part of the program, which is a short film directed by Emily Bui, and produced by Western Sydney Fashion Festival’s own Thuy Nguyen. Ankara Pride explores the story of Blessing, Nigerian-born fashion designer and founder of Trendy B Designs, unravelling her entrepreneurial journey and the hardships she has experienced.


Armando by Armando Crisostomo

Featured in Vogue Australia and on PEDESTRIAN.TV, this brand’s purpose is to empower men to freely choose what they wear without fear, judgment or the pressure to conform to binary gender expectations. Born in the Philippines, founder Armando Crisostomo tried his hand at nursing, IT and a Bachelor of Business and Commerce before eventually earning a Bachelor of Branded Fashion to realise his lifelong dream of designing clothing.

GTAB by Ginan Tabbouch

Bankstown-based outfit GTAB has received some mainstream success with showings at Sydney’s Fashion Week. Driven by the stories of Western Sydney youth, Ginan Tabbouch’s collections pull inspiration from rap songs by the West’s young people that start conversations about domestic violence, racial profiling and youth homelessness.

Lakshmi Bee

Welcome to Lakshmi Bee, created by mother and daughter duo Lakshmi and Susan Gowda, who are on a mission to heal the planet through sustainable and one-of-a-kind art, couture and home décor. This brand devotes months to infusing each piece with elegance, luxury and style inspired across multiple eras and building beauty from ashes in a celebration of God’s living creation as well as the designers’ own multicultural heritage.

Thuy Nguyen

Western Sydney-based curator and documentary filmmaker who is passionate about showcasing the West’s multimedia talent, particularly film, fashion and live/online events, workshops and Western Sydney Fashion Festival, an annual runway show featuring diverse talent from all over Western Sydney.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Blacktown City Council and Blacktown Arts and Western Sydney Fashion Festival.