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African drumming for children

by beth sorensen

Parents, break the monotony of housebound routines for children during the holidays in these fun drumming and percussion workshops with Yaw Derkyi + Friends. Watch musicians from Ghana in West Africa teaching African percussive rhythms and play along at home.

Don’t have a drum? Don’t worry. Children can use household items such as a bucket, box, pots or pans with wooden spoons or sticks.

Workshop one: drumming and chants


Workshop two: new instruments and sing along to ‘A lion has a tail’


Workshop three: learn to dance to ‘A Lion has a tail’

Yaw Derkyi has been performing and promoting African music and cultural dance for over 40 years. Originally from West Africa, is one of the founding members of Karifi and Kalabash who have toured nationally and internationally. He is a respected and active local elder who takes pride in community development via arts and cultural programs. 

Check his work out here: