Acknowledgement of Country


Bayadyinyang budyari Dharug yiyura Dharug Ngurra.
Bayady’u budyari Dharug Warunggadgu baranyiin barribugu.
Bayady’u budyari wagulgu yiyuragu Ngurra bimalgu Blacktown City. Flannel flowers dyurali bulbuwul.
Yanmannyang mudayi Dharug Ngurrawa. Walama ngyini budbud dali Dharug Ngurra Dharug yiyura baranyiin barribugu.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this Land, the Dharug people, and their continued connection to Country.
We pay our respects to Elders from yesterday to tomorrow.
We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Blacktown City where the flannel flowers still grow proud and strong.
We will walk softly on this land and open our hearts to Country as the Dharug people have for tens of thousands of years.

Domestic and family violence memorial garden art commission

Blacktown City Council is a committed advocate for The White Ribbon movement and has developed strong relationships with local families of people who have lost their lives as a result of domestic violence. White Ribbon Day focuses on the actions men can take to end men’s violence against women.

In response to a request from families, Council is developing the City’s first domestic and family violence memorial garden at Blacktown Showground to honour and remember their loves ones.

Following an open Expression of interest, Yu-Fang Chi was commissioned to produce her proposed sculpture, called Contemplate.

Families will also work with the artist to create personalized symbols to be included within the artwork.

Inspired by the white ribbon, as well as the transient quality of water, the work utilises the curved shape of the bow as the key element of the design to capture and reveal the idea of transition, contemplation, and healing. Through the use of natural materials and colours the artwork aims to create a warm and welcoming experience, inviting audiences to walk slowly towards the work, to gather and reflect.

It is anticipated that the memorial garden will open to the public in early to mid-2022.

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