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It’s Timely Too

by Jodie Polutele

In 2014, Blacktown Arts Centre, in partnership with the Whitlam Institute, invited contemporary artists to examine the two iconic speeches Gough Whitlam delivered in Blacktown in 1972 and 1974, and to reflect on the ensuing cultural changes that completely transformed life in this country.

In 2016, during the 100th anniversary of Whitlam’s birth, the exhibition It’s Timely Too at The Lock-Up in Newcastle expands on the 2014 Blacktown exhibition, inviting local artists and one of the original Blacktown artists, to reflect on the influence of Whitlam’s policies on their own lives and on regional centres such as Newcastle.

Hunter-based artist Shan Turner-Carroll explores themes of the human condition, spirituality, contentment and the search for a true self in his work.

For It’s Timely Too, Shan has created self-portraits of a character who is veiled or hiding aspects of himself.

“The freedom that I have now to be who I am could have been a bit different without Whitlam’s influence,” Shan told curator Paul Howard in this video interview filmed in the cells at The Lock-Up.

By Paul Howard

Exhibition | It’s Timely Too
25 June – 7 August 2016 | The Lock-Up
The Lock-Up is located at 90 Hunter St Newcastle
Open Wednesday to Saturday
10am – 4pm
11am – 3pm

For more information, go to www.thelockup.org.au.

Shan Turner-Carroll, Self Portrait, 2016

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