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Blacktown City Art Prize | Frequently Asked Questions

by Sanki Tennakoon

Here are a few questions and answers that may help you when considering artworks to enter in the prize.

How do I enter the 2018 Blacktown City Art Prize?

Entry into Blacktown City Art Prize 2018 is by online application only, at www.blacktownarts.com.au. Entries open on Tuesday 10 July 2018, and close on Tuesday 10 October 2018. To receive notification, sign up to our mailing list.

How does the selection process work?

A panel of Judges will select the Finalists from the images submitted with your online entry. The selected Finalists will be notified on Monday 29 October 2018.

When I upload an image of my artwork I receive a “500 code” error. What should I do?

Ensure that your image file is less than 2MB and no larger than 1500 pixels wide or high. To resize your images, go to www.picresize.com.

What is the entry fee?
The entry fee is $26 per artwork.

How many artworks can I enter?
You can enter 1 or 2 artworks. Each artwork must be registered in a separate entry form.

What is the maximum size my work can be?

For 2-D artworks the maximum size including frame is 155 cm (height) x 155 cm (width).  For 3-D artworks, including sculptures and ceramics, the maximum size is 200 cm (high) x 150 cm (wide) x 150 cm (deep) and must weigh 40 kg or less. Artworks MUST fall within these size and weight restrictions, no exceptions. 1 cm out of this size restriction is not acceptable; 10 grams over the weight restriction is not acceptable.

What are D-rings? And do I need them?

A D-ring is a small metal ring that is shaped like the letter D. D-rings are attached to frames, one on either side, so the artwork can be hung from these points. You do not need D-rings if your artwork has a synthetic cord on the back. Wire is not acceptable unless it is covered with plastic as it can damage other works. If your artwork is a stretched canvas on a timber frame, it can be hung from the frame.

How should I frame my artwork?

It is up to you how you would like to frame your artwork. Judges of previous Blacktown City Art Prize exhibitions have commented that simple frames which enhance the qualities of the artwork are better than overly decorative frames. Artworks on stretched canvas do not have to be framed.

How will I be notified if my artwork has been selected for the Blacktown City Art Prize?

The list of selected Finalists’ artworks will be posted at www.blacktownarts.com.au and on our social media @BlacktownArts. Artworks not included on the list are to be understood as not selected. All entrants will also receive a list of selected artworks via email.

If I am selected as a Finalist, when and how do I deliver and collect my artwork?

All selected artworks must be delivered and collected from The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre at 78 Flushcombe Road Blacktown. Enter The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre car park via Campbell Street, Blacktown.

Delivery and collection dates:

Delivery is on Friday 9 November and Saturday 10 November 2018 (10 am – 5 pm).

Collection is on Friday 2 February and Saturday 3 February 2018 (10 am – 5 pm).

Will there be someone there to help me unload the artwork from my car?

Yes. Just approach Blacktown Arts staff and ask for assistance.

Can I assemble my own sculpture?

We ask that all 3-D artworks requiring assembly, including sculptures, be accompanied with installation notes. Multi-part artworks may be assembled by artists themselves. However, installation notes with photographs must be provided to Blacktown Arts.

Can I install my own artwork?

We employ professional art handlers who install all artworks on behalf of the artists. The artists may be asked to assist with the installation of multi-part artworks.

Can I get someone to deliver the artwork on my behalf?

Yes, however they must have written permission or email to do so, photo ID and details of the artwork being delivered.

If I post my artwork will it be posted back to me?

Yes. However, all costs, packaging, transport and/or postage arrangements must be made by the artist.

Do I need to provide a plinth?

No. Blacktown Arts has a collection of plinths that will be used for the exhibition.

My artwork needs power, can this be arranged?

Yes. However, power points are limited and this will affect where your artwork is installed.

My artwork is free-standing but hangs from the ceiling. Is this acceptable?

No. Works cannot be suspended or hung from the gallery roof. If it requires suspension it is not deemed to be free-standing.

My painting is a stretched canvas. Does it need to be framed?

No. However the artwork must be professionally presented and ready to be hung.

Can I enter a mixed media artwork?

Yes. Both 2-D and 3-D artworks can be mixed media but must adhere to the size and weight restrictions.

The artwork details have changed since submitting my entry form. Can I make changes when I deliver the artwork?

No. All details must be confirmed when submitting the entry form before the deadline at 5 pm on Tuesday 9 October 2018.

Do you need a statement and CV from me?

No, however you can choose to submit an artist statement of no more than 50 words with your entry. The statement will only be provided to potential buyers who express interest in buying your work if it is selected for the exhibition. The Judges will not see this statement and it will not be taken into consideration during the judging process.

What are the prizes?

  • Main prize $15,000.
  • Aboriginal Artist Prize $2,000 plus 3-month artist residency at Blacktown Artists’ Studios in 2019.
  • Local Artist Prize $2,000 plus 3-month artist residency at Blacktown Artists’ Studios in 2019.
  • People’s Choice Prize $1,000.

What kind of artworks can I enter?

Artworks accepted are 2-D artworks including drawings, prints, paintings, textiles and mixed-media. (Photographs can be included as part of a mixed-media artwork, but singular photography is not acceptable.)  And 3-D artworks that include sculpture, ceramics and mixed-media.  Artworks not accepted include singular photography, film, video, sound, performance and installation artworks.

I live overseas. Can I enter the 2018 Blacktown City Art Prize?
No. Entrants must be an Australian resident.

Jennifer Leahy

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