Acknowledgement of Country


Bayadyinyang budyari Dharug yiyura Dharug Ngurra.
Bayady’u budyari Dharug Warunggadgu baranyiin barribugu.
Bayady’u budyari wagulgu yiyuragu Ngurra bimalgu Blacktown City. Flannel flowers dyurali bulbuwul.
Yanmannyang mudayi Dharug Ngurrawa. Walama ngyini budbud dali Dharug Ngurra Dharug yiyura baranyiin barribugu.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this Land, the Dharug people, and their continued connection to Country.
We pay our respects to Elders from yesterday to tomorrow.
We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Blacktown City where the flannel flowers still grow proud and strong.
We will walk softly on this land and open our hearts to Country as the Dharug people have for tens of thousands of years.

2018 Blacktown City Art Prize | Finalists

88 artworks have been selected for the 2018 Blacktown City Art Prize!

The winners will be selected from this list of finalists, and announced at the official opening on Saturday, 1 December 2018.

Patricia Abela

Kim Ah Sam
Healing on Country

Zahid Ahmed
Art Gallery

Liam Ambrose
Nostalgia is the Suffering Caused by an Unappeased Yearning to Return

 Walter Auer
Time Surfer

Walter Auer
The Last White Alpha Male

Ann Babinard

Ann Babinard
Into the Forest

Tina Barahanos
Abbott Road

Tina Barahanos
Junction Road

 Anthony Bartok
Natural Habitat

 Laura Bright

Alex Byrne
Week In Week Out: Sevo

Kristone Capistrano
The Sleep of Ah Gaa & The Sleep of Ah Ling

Cindy Care
A Walk Through Cradle Mountain

Shinhye Choi
Moon Pot

 Shinhye Choi

Thomas C. Chung
“We Are Not All Gods”

Martin Claydon
Beowulf (Self Portrait)

Martin Claydon
Icons (Self Portrait)

Karen Coull
The Gaze – Olympia (After Manet) – #5

Emad Dhahir

 Damian Dillon
One Hundred Years

 Paula do Prado

Christophe Domergue
Post-Industrial Peeling – Mastercut #4

Blak Douglas
Workers (for the Dole) Club

Adrian Elmer

Merran Esson
Trees of the Monaro

 Renuka Fernando
Inmemoriam:1034 Months of a Life

Julia Flanagan
Off on a Whim

Carrie Fraser

Carrie Fraser

Ariella Friend
Termite Mound Data

Kath Fries

 Amala Groom
Standing with Harper Nielsen

 Graziela Guardino
Both Sides

Graziela Guardino

Ethel-Anne Gundy
Big Fat Eels

Nathalie Hartog-Gautier

Geoff Harvey
The Orators (Men of Prayer)

 Sergio Hernandez Merchan
I’m Still Here

Coralie Horsnell
Trolley Life

Seinileva Huakau
Study in Raffia

Seinileva Huakau
Left Over Tension

Joy Ivill
Dubuffet’s MenSuresh Jeanel

 Amy Jones
Floral Burst

 Samia Khan
Australia One

Robyn Kinsela
A Floating Moment in Space

Bankstown Koori Elders
Tribal Pride

Annie Laerkesen

Jenna Lee
Recoil, Recall, Re-coil

 Catherine Leung
Sprinkled with Crimson

Grant Maxwell
Shoot the Messanger

Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig
Mining Subjectivities #2

Vivan Messimeris
Women of Kobane #16

Mohsen Meysami
Green, Blue, Yellow, Red…

 Mohsen Meysami

 Clayton Micallef

Tamara A Michael

 Terry Murphy
The Gallery

Ro Murray

Sahar Nabinik
The Book of Life

Barbara Newton

Eva Nolan
The Garden of Forking Paths

 Laurissa Onato
Sins of the Father

Raj Panda

Venessa Possum
Damana (Hand)

Rhonda Pryor
Skin & Bone

Peter Rush
Main St Blacktown

Peter Rush
Blacktown Laundrette

Sha Sarwari
Untitled (Diptych)

 Erik Shahmoradian

Erik Shahmoradian

Belinda Sims
Saudade: Portrait of Janet and Leo Kelly at Home, 2018.

Misim Song

Jane Theau

 Billie Thomson
Tyre Swan

Thomas Thorby-Lister
Untitled (Veil)

Rex Turnbull
Secrets and Lies

 Morgan Veness
Sydney Relic 1

Morgan Veness
Sydney Relic 2

Agus Wijaya
Sell Out

 Agus Wijaya
Mpek Ngenya

 Kara Wood
Friday Mornings

Lisa Woolfe
In Flight (That Way)

Lisa Woolfe
In Flight (Rise)

Fozia Zahid
Country Out of the ManArtwork Delivery for Selected Works
Dates | Friday 9 November 2018 or Saturday 10 November 2018
Time | 10 am – 5 pm
Location | The Leo Kelly Blacktown Art Centre at 78 Flushcombe Rd Blacktown

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