Acknowledgement of Country


Bayadyinyang budyari Dharug yiyura Dharug Ngurra.
Bayady’u budyari Dharug Warunggadgu baranyiin barribugu.
Bayady’u budyari wagulgu yiyuragu Ngurra bimalgu Blacktown City. Flannel flowers dyurali bulbuwul.
Yanmannyang mudayi Dharug Ngurrawa. Walama ngyini budbud dali Dharug Ngurra Dharug yiyura baranyiin barribugu.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of this Land, the Dharug people, and their continued connection to Country.
We pay our respects to Elders from yesterday to tomorrow.
We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples of Blacktown City where the flannel flowers still grow proud and strong.
We will walk softly on this land and open our hearts to Country as the Dharug people have for tens of thousands of years.

2017 Blacktown City Art Prize | Finalists

93 artworks have been selected for the 2017 Blacktown City Art Prize!

The winners will be selected from this list of finalists, and announced at the official opening on Saturday, 2 December 2017.

Alikhani, Sima

Auer, Walter    
Composition in Green

Babinard, Ann  
Mood #1

Baeten, Anneke              
Ancient and New Lies

Bates, Gabrielle              
Spirit Map #2

Berry, Max         
Dirt Hole Creek Rd

Birkner, Janne  
Birds of Paradise

Bishop, Justin   
The Slaughtered Eeyore

Bossell, Kassandra
Coccolithophore Bird

Burcher, Luke   

Burcher, Luke
Mornington House

Buselli, Anthony
Kingdom Come, Austinmer Headland

Byrne, Alexandra
The Long Hot Road North

Cao, Thanh

Capistrano, Kristone     

Cleveringa, Jan
The Meeting Point

Coates, Steven 

Cotterill, Mark 
Black and White Series

Domergue, Christophe
Post-Industrial Peeling #9

Doye, J E
Australian Landscape – Road Trip Katoomba to Uluru

Fitzgerald, Carol Ann
Landscape and Memory – Wiradjuri Country

Friend, Ariella  
Captured Wattle Variable

Fuhrmans, Jutta              
Tidal Weave

Gillian, Minka
Pink Outburst – A Self Portrait

Gillian, Minka  

Giri, Susheela  

Govett, Rachel 
Got my Head in the Clouds

Graham, Jody   
Mummy’s Little Helpers

Grant, Naomi
Dad’s Country

Green, Elizabeth

Green, Elizabeth
When We Met

Hinton, Peter   
Quality of a Few Minutes #1 and 2 (set) – A Study on Whitlam

Hodes, Gillian
The Emigrant’s Tale

Hotchkiss, Jude               

Imran, Shazia    
Devine Bliss

Ivill, Joy              
Assemblage of Dubuffet’s Men

Jackett, Carla

Kain, Kirtika      

Keevers, Sue    
Outskirts of Country Town

Klein, John

Kleiner, A L        
Landscape Shelf

Kouxenko, Anastassia
Phobic, Philic

Laerkesen, Adam
Cutting my Teeth

le Cheminant, Ruth
Darling River, Evandale

Lee, Hyunhee

Lester, Leon      
Summer Solstice

Leung, Catherine
FlourishLewis, Mitch
Slag Heap Overwhelming a Welsh Valley

Lewis, Mitch     
Winter Landscape

Bankstown Koori Elders Group 
Yellomundi/Yellomundi – Meaning Storyteller

Lovering, Monique        
Between Dusk and Dawn

Mackie, Carmel               

Manoukian, Mari
Bolshevik Grandmothers Bedroom

Marashian, Nazanin      

Mehonoshen, Tess        
Measuring Loss

Mesarovic, Helena
Hidden Pain

Meuwissen, Rudi

Monde, Ray      
It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

Monks, Nicole and Amala Groom
The Commodification of an Artist Fee

Morgan, Guy    
Night Move

Mulder, Rudy
Cottages Catherine Hill Bay

Munro, Al
Hazard Weave

Murphy, Terry
Tabulae Unum ex Oculis

Newman, Christopher

Passos, Maria-Alice

Pryor, Rhonda  
Coat Strings

Pryor, Rhonda
Armchair Critic

Read-Devine, Mellissa 

Rose, Jacqueline             
Enigmagnetic #1

Russell, Anna   
Tank in Rain

Saaid, Ghasan  
Cognitive Dissonance

Sabsabi, Khaled               

Santiago, Marikit

Sellman, Geoff
Abstract in Trees #16

Shimmyo, Yuri
The Hopper File

Smith, Tracey-Maree
Dudley Bluff

Song, Misim      
Desolate II

Stanley, Rosalind
Creature Comforts

Stathopoulos, Nick
Extreme Close Up: Isla Fisher

Stevenson, Chris
How Sweet the Song of the River

Stokie, Amber  
With, Apart, Around, Together

Suzuki, Moritaka
Still Life with Longans

Taylor, Jess        
He Said I Could Never be Filled

Tranter, Aiyana

Veness, Morgan
Jizolark Treasure, Twin Peaks, Two Bowls (Utsumi, Seto Sea) #1

Went, Phil
Banksia with Fruit

West, Sally

Wheeldon, Simon          
Utility Masks

Wiggs, David K 
Through the Pines and the Palms – Palm Beach – Plein Air

Williams, Stephen
Night Storm on Castlereagh 2

Williamson, Ann

Yorulmaz, Yeliz               
Useless, Nameless, Numb

Zahid, Fozia
Still Life2017 Blacktown City Art Prize
Exhibition dates | 2 December 2017 – 27 January 2018

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