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Blacktown City Art Prize 2011-2018

by bacblogarts

Winner 2018 Blacktown City Art Prize | Bankstown Koori Elders Group , Tribal Pride
Winner Aboriginal Artist Prize | Venessa Possum, Damana (Hand)
Winner Local Artist Prize | Fozia Zahid, Country Out of the Man
Highly Commended | Jane Theau, #MeToo
Highly Commended | Mohsen Meysami, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red
Highly Commended | Belinda Sims, Saudade: Portrait of Janet and Leo Kelly at Home
Highly Commended | Blak Douglas, Workers (for the Dole) Club

Winner 2017 Blacktown City Art Prize | Tess Mehonoshen, Measuring Loss
Winner Local Artist Prize and Highly Commended | Kristone Capistrano, Breath
Winner Aboriginal Artist Prize | Naomi Grant, Dad’s Country
Highly Commended | Carol Ann Fitzgerald, Landscape and Memory – Wiradjuri Country
Highly Commended | Minka Gillian, Pink Outburst – A Self Portrait
Highly Commended | Terry Murphy, Tabulae Unum Ex Oculis
Highly Commended | Peter Hinton, Quality of a Few Minutes #1 and 2 – A Study on Whitlam

2016 Blacktown City Art Prize | Jane Giblin, Lilu Stands to Izzie
Local Artist Prize and Highly Commended | Melissa Chapman, Irrational Logic
Aboriginal Artist Prize | Bankstown Koori Elders Group, Murris and Kooris
Highly Commended | Amala Groom, Read Before Consuming
Highly Commended | Nerissa Lea, The Sane Ones
Highly Commended | Rosalind Stanley, My World
People’s Choice |  Sima Alikhani, Fly

Main Prize |Francois Breuillaud-Limondin, Prisms
Aboriginal Artist Prize | Tony Albert, Hello, Paleface,
Local Artist Prize | Alexandra Byrne, Outside My House
People’s Choice Prize | Jane Bennett, Millers Point from the Top of the Harbour Tower

Painting | Joel Beerden, Wandering Front #3
Watercolour | Brian Stratton, Estuary Fragments, Crookhaven
Works On Paper | Jody Graham, Sentinel
Sculpture | Elizabeth Roet, Pods, Reef Series
Aboriginal Artist Prize | Geoff Sellman, Puffins, Lyn Butchart and Land Spirits #2
Environmental Art Prize | Melissa Harvey, Out Grown
Local Artist Prize | Hiren Patel, Winter Rain
Youth Artist Prize | Liam Veldsman, Echoes of Grief

Painting | Linda Joyce, The Vagrant Lichen
Watercolour | Jessica Bradford, Pt. Macquarie
Works On Paper | Rew Hanks, Stop! There’s No Need to Shoot the Natives
Sculpture | Jody Graham, Someone Else’s Life
Aboriginal Artist Prize | Craig Tangye, The Hawkesbury
Environmental Art Prize | Ro Murray, Harvest
Local Artist Prize | Edgar Schilter, Buenos Aires No.23
Youth Artist Prize | Peter Carney, Death Instinct
People’s Choice | Freya Jobbins, Zeus, Optimus Maximus
Blacktown Workers Club | Mehwish Iqbal, Maha
Young Painter Prize | Liam Ambrose, Tabourie

Painting | Joseph Hallam, Portrait of Isabella
Watercolour | Jessica Bradford, Destination
Works On Paper | Ro Murray, Ocean Park Still Life
Sculpture | Terrence Wright, Uncle Bill in Glass
Aboriginal Artist Prize | Terrence Wright, Uncle Bill in Glass
Environmental Art Prize | Carol Ann Fitzgerald, Essence
Local Artist Prize | Erum Zackria, Glory
Youth Artist Prize | Wade Kirby, Untitled
ARG Prize | Cassandra Hard-Lawrie, Jane
Young Painter Prize | Marikit Santiago, Mestiza

Painting Prize | Brendan Mogg, Early Morning Light
Watercolour Prize | Liz Shreeve, (Not) Green
Works On Paper | Elizabeth Pozega, Procession 1-9
Sculpture Prize | Louis Pratt, Just a Bee’s Penis
Aboriginal Artist Prize | Danny Eastwood, How Blacktown Got It’s Name
Environmental Art Prize | Kate Dunn, Mount Tomah
Local Artist Prize | Ernst Aaron, Untitled
Youth Artist Prize | Christian Atkins, AAAGH!!! – Smell the cheese
ARG Prize | Ro Murray, Ocean Park Still Life II

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