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Workshops for adults

by beth sorensen

Open Studio

Enjoy the run of your very own studio space each Wednesday, with sessions run by artist Patrice Wills suitable for beginners through to seasoned artists.

Connect with other local creatives, try out new skills and develop your existing artistic skills in a supportive group environment open to everyone.

Workshop facilitator Patrice Wills has several decades experience as a working visual artist, teacher and community support officer, with a focus on evocative, emotionally rich portraits and landscapes.

Experience what it’s like to work in a lively, collaborative studio space, learning from your fellow artists and experimenting with new forms.


Cost: $15
Facilitator: Patrice Wills
Age: Adults and young people
Dates and times:
Wednesdays, 21 April – 23 June
10.30 am to 1.00 pm

All About Drawing

Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? Do you love playing around with drawing and would like to upskill?

Drawing is the basis from which we start all artworks and this workshop will have you feeling confident and inspired! This is the perfect course for the complete beginner who is wanting a structured, results guaranteed session in a relaxed easy to follow environment.

In this workshop, you will learn the foundational techniques and methods to establish a comprehensive drawing practice. This class is perfect for the complete beginner or as a refresher. Drawing is the most important skill in artmaking as it is the essence of all visual mediums. All exercises are designed to strengthen your “mind-eye-hand” connection to allow you to draw what is really there, not what you think. 

Starting the session you will be introduced to the history, methods and exercises used to construct effective drawings. With a focus on drawing from life, learn key observational, proportional, tonal and spatial techniques. Follow an easy step-by-step approach with a perfect balance between theory and practical.

Learning the foundational methods and techniques is how you will build confidence in composing scenes, choosing subjects and creating finished artworks.

With these skills, you will be able to skilfully create drawing both from your imagination and from observing the world around you.

All materials are provided, these include:
– A3 artist-grade drawing paper
– Drawing tools
– Theory booklet

Cost: $25 per session
Facilitator: Teresa Small
Age: 16+
Dates and times:
Thursdays, 6 May – 24 June
10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Clay jewellery workshop

Learn the craft of clay modelling, from texturing to applying colours, and take home your own beaded necklace.

Facilitator Marietta teaches the simple techniques of working with clay, from brainstorming the design of the necklace to crafting and texturing clay into beads, adding colour with paint or texta pens, stringing the piece together into a necklace and adding extra colourful accessories.

This creative workshop teaches design and practical handicraft techniques, with each participant leaving with their own unique wearable art piece.

Cost: $20
Facilitator: Marietta Zafirakos
Age: 8+
Dates and times:
Saturday 8 May
10.30 am – 1.00 pm

This workshop has been cancelled.
Please contact us via email artscentre@blacktown.nsw.gov.au or phone 98396558 for a refund or credit.

Henna workshop

Learn the ancient skill of Henna body art with professional artist Saranya Jayaram.

With 15 years experience as a Henna artist, Saranya will help you to draft and create intricate, meaningful Henna designs, and then draw those designs onto your skin as a temporary Henna “tattoo”.

Learn the meaning of Henna body art designs, how the dye is created and how it’s applied to the skin, in this fun and engaging workshop.

Cost: $25
Facilitator: Saranya Jayaram
Age: 10+
Dates and times:
Saturday 5 June
10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Acrylic pouring with Teresa Small

Explore acrylic pouring and the fluid styles achievable with a thicker slower moving consistency.

In this workshop you will learn the ways to create exceptional fluid paintings using household items you may find in your garage, regular acrylic paints and Floetrol (found in your local hardware store). This workshop explores the fluid styles achievable with a thicker slower moving consistency.

Starting the workshop you will be introduced to the unique materials and products used throughout the session. A thorough explanation of fluid consistency and behaviour of acrylic paint will be conducted by an experienced Artist followed by demonstrations of paint mixing with basic pouring styles (Dutch, Ribbon, Open ). A complimentary booklet will be handed out with step by step instructions to create the perfect consistency for your fluid artwork.

Students will paint three canvases during the workshop to collect when dry. Paintings have a drying time of 5 days.

All materials are included in the price of the workshop, these include:
– Range of acrylic paint colours including metallic (over 20+ colours to choose from)
– Floetrol
– Silicone
– Oil
– Glitter
– Brushes
– Palettes
– 3 x Canvas
– Protective gear

Cost: $40 per person
Facilitator: Teresa Small
Age: 12+
Dates and times:
Saturday 12 June
10.30 am – 1.00 pm