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The Lullaby PorjectImage: Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light 2021 by Narjis Mirza, courtesy of the artist

The Lullaby Project

21 May to 29 June 2024
The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre

Awaken your senses and unearth feminine creativity with a newly-commissioned, multi-sensory experience by artist and academic, Narjis Mirza, in collaboration with vocalist Maissa Alameddine.

The Lullaby Project (working title) is an immersive audio-visual installation that brings together layered vocals, translucent fabrics, light projections, moving images and calligraphy to create a ‘womb-like’ world that honours the timeless art of the lullaby.

Produced through workshops and recording sessions with local women, Narjis expertly weaves together stories of language, history and ancient traditions to give voice to the creative feminine.

See the full Autumn line-up here.

Narjis Mirza,Image: Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light 2021 by Narjis Mirza, courtesy of the artist

Artist Bio

Narjis Mirza is a media installation artist working at the intersection of cinema and relational art. Seeking to go beyond representational knowledge of things, Narjis stages a poetic, philosophical and spiritual meditation on light through sensory installation art. She creates large-scale light and sound installations combining projection, animation, video, textile and more. The immersive art experience in her work engages the audience in performative participation.

Narjis began her career as a painter and graduated with the highest honour of distinction from the National College of Arts in Pakistan. In 2017, she was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship and completed a practice-led PhD at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Her artistic research produced a body of work and most notable is the multisensory light and sound installation titled Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light, inspired Islamic philosophy of illumination.

Narjis is currently part of the team at the Interactive Media Lab at the University of New South Wales, developing new technologies for interactive participatory media art.


Image: Hayakal al Noor, Bodies of Light 2021 by Narjis Mirza, courtesy of the artist

This project is presented by Blacktown Arts and proudly funded by the NSW Government through Create NSW, Creative Australia and Blacktown City Council. 

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