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Image: Courtesy of SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest

SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest

Digital season on now until 1 September 2023

Grab some popcorn and make yourself at home, the prestigious SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest is coming to Blacktown Arts this winter.

One of the world’s biggest international smartphone film festivals open to filmmakers of all ages, SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest shows you how creative you can get with an everyday device like a smartphone or tablet.

Check out a selection of films from the 2022 Festival by filmmakers from Blacktown and western Sydney.

Submissions for 2023 SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest: 

Interested in making a film on a smartphone or have something you want to enter? Submit a film into the upcoming 9th season of
SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest. Entries close midnight, 1 September 2023.


Image: Courtesy of filmmakers

Secrets by Ajila Miller-Gersbach

Secrets is a story of a teen girl named Parker who has been exposed on the internet. As the story goes on more people have their secrets exposed with an ending that will shock you!

Image: Courtesy of filmmakers

The Five Stages of Grief by Amelie Correa and Isabella Andrew

It is the pain that we experience in our lives that helps us to show our strength. For 12-year-old Sarah, her life is turned upside-down at the news of her best friend dying from a heart attack. As Sarah is plunged into a sea of negative emotions, she goes through the five stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The Five Stages of Grief is a story about compassion, care and the true power of friendship, and it is this friendship that will remain in our hearts.

Image: Courtesy of filmmakers

They’re Listening by Rachael Belle Myers

A paranoid technophobe goes too far when he tries to convince his girlfriend that his conspiracy theories are true.

A film shot on a phone, about a phone, that’s listening to you.

Image: Courtesy of filmmakers

The Schwarzschild Radius by Pete Majarich

An astronaut delivers one last message as he approaches a black hole.

Image: Courtesy of filmmakers

Daddy’s Assessment by Aaron Scully

A father is forced to lift his game as he is assessed by his 2 year old.

Image: Still from The Society Experiment, courtesy of Bus Stop Films

The Society Experiment by Bus Stop Films

(In-person screenings only)

A famous Cliqtuber, in a bid to get more likes and followers, decides to spend the night in an abandoned building and live stream throughout the night. Unbeknownst to him, the building is not abandoned but is a secret undercover government rehabilitation facility; detaining people with intellectual, emotional and physical disabilities and ‘normalising them’ for release back into society. The Cliqtuber is arrested and thrown in a cell and must band together with the other inmates to escape.

Creative team

SF3 aka the SmartFone Flick Fest is one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious smartphone film festivals. An international festival open to filmmakers of all ages from every corner of the world – all you need is a great idea and a phone or tablet.

SF3 provides a platform for budding, emerging and professional filmmakers to bring their ideas to life and have their films seen by a global audience, without the need for lots of fancy equipment or a big budget. The democratisation of filmmaking is here!

Alongside the festival, SF3 is also a world leader in the smartphone education space. They teach smartphone filmmaking workshops throughout the year both live and via Zoom. Their workshops cater to all ages – the youngest student to date is 5 years old and the oldest in their 70s. SF3 teaches for NIDA, the Actors Centre Australia, WIFT NSW, many local Australian councils and arts centres across both metro and regional Australia, in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Jamaica and across America, Europe and Asia.

Image: Courtesy by SF3 Smartphone Film Fest

Ajila Miller-Gersbach – Secrets

At just 16 years old Ajila is an up and coming director with a real passion for film and theatre. Her desire to become a director began four years ago when she was cast in the short film The End, The Beginning (ABC iview). She had long dreamt of being in front of the camera but this opportunity provided her with the insight of everything that went on behind the scenes and she was hooked immediately. She started making her own fun films with friends entering small school holiday competitions.

Secrets is Ajila’s first short film she has written, directed, edited and produced. With the support of wonderful friends cast in the film her vision came to life and it has only fuelled her passion to create more and develop her skills further. Watch this space as Ajila has a whole lot more to offer and is already working on her next film! To see what she produces next you can follow her @ajilamg.filmaking

Image: Ailja, courtesy of the artist

Isabella Andrew – The Five Stages of Grief

Isabella Andrew enjoys writing and challenges herself to write in different text types. She had developed her love for writing through her younger years of school and wishes to become an author. In her spare time, Isabella loves reading, drawing, crochet and collecting Lego builds. The Five Stages of Grief was a short film that Isabella co-starred in with the hope that she would challenge herself in her writing ability, to steer away from her usual fantasy genre and explore embedding emotion into texts. As well as this, the short film brought the hope of developing a new skill in acting.

Image: Isabella Andrew, courtesy of the artist

Amelie Correa – The Five Stages of Grief

Amelie Correa is an aspiring actress who developed her love for film and theatre at a young age. To improve her acting abilities she has taken many drama classes and workshops with renowned organisations like The Hills Drama school and NIDA. When not performing Amelie loves to crochet, dance and play with her dog. The Five Stages of Grief is her first short film that with the help of an incredible co-star Amelie could emotively tell a meaningful story and touch many hearts.

Image: Amelie Correa, courtesy of the artist

Rachael Belle Myers – They’re Listening

Rachael Belle Myers is a multi-award-winning social impact filmmaker. As a screenwriter, director and producer, Rachael’s passion is to inspire change in the world through visual storytelling. With a large focus on social media and technology’s impact on our society, her films challenge the audience’s view and perception of their reality.

Rachael’s most notable award-winning films are “First World Problems” which deals with homelessness, “Curated Illusions” which delves into social media addiction and the unsafe use of mobile devices whilst driving and “Three Feet Deep” which tackles social responsibility and karma.

Born and raised in Western Sydney, Rachael has spent a lot of time trying to support and grow local filmmakers by co-founding the Western Sydney Filmmakers Hangout and sponsoring and judging international film festivals.

Image: Rachael Belle Myers, courtesy of the artist

Pete Majarich – The Schwarzschild Radius

Pete Majarich is a filmmaker, designer and writer based in Sydney, Australia.

Image: Pete Majarich, courtesy of the artist

Aaron Scully – Daddy’s Assessment

Aaron Scully is an actor and drama teacher. He runs The Hills Drama School in the Hills District of NSW and teaches students to make films and theatre shows. His daughter somehow knows how to act without any training. He is yet to figure that one out.

Image: Aaron Scully and daughter, courtesy of the artist

Angela Blake – Bus Stop Films

Angela is the Co-Founder of SF3 – SmartFone Flick Fest, Australia’s international smartphone film festival. Founded in 2015 and after sell-out seasons at the Sydney Opera House & Event Cinemas George St, they are now starting on their 7th season. SF3 screens short films from all over the world from filmmakers of all ages and is fast becoming one of the world’s most exciting new film festivals and was even ranked by American Express as one of 12 international film festivals worth travelling to, alongside Cannes and Sundance. She is also an accomplished emerging director and writer in both film and theatre.

Image: Angela Blake, courtesy of the artist

Presented by Blacktown Arts with SF3 SmartFone Flick Fest, with support from the NSW Government through Create NSW and Blacktown City Council.