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My Life, My Story - Documentary

The digital debut documentary film by Maryam Zahid
Available to stream on-demand for a limited online season
Tuesday 8 March 2022 – Thursday 31 March 2022

My Life, My Story is a debut documentary film by Maryam Zahid drawing on interviews with women from the Afghan community in Blacktown and around the world, reflecting on shared lived experiences, triumphs and the strength of the female spirit.

The film includes six artists Arezo Aziz, Sara Barackzay, Lida Sultani Farahin, Neelab Omar, Fozia Zahid and Zahid Ahmed.

My Life, My Story is presented by Blacktown Arts and Afghan Women on the Move, a global platform uniting women in the Afghan diaspora to share their life stories through creative arts and storytelling, breaking cycles of isolation and disadvantage.

This documentary was screening for a limited season only and is no longer available.

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