by beth sorensen

The Western in conversation with Magnify artists Rizcel Gagawanan and Mark Mariano

The Western curates a podcast platforming stories that inspire and motivate straight from the heart of western Sydney. Writer and content producer Laura Ranola interviewed Magnify artists Rizcel Gagawanan and Mark Mariano about their latest collaboration on Hanap.

Hanap means ‘search’ or ‘find’ in Tagalog and was written as part of Mark and Rizcel’s creative development for Magnify in 2021. Filled with laughter and real stories, follow the ups and downs of the writer’s creative journey and the hilarious and poignant final written piece. Episode four features a short excerpt of the play.

Episode One: Getting to know Rizcel, Mark, and Magnify 2022
The Western’s Laura chats to Mark and Rizcel about their artistic backgrounds and creative processes. The two introduce Magnify, reveal how they came about the program, and talk about meeting through Sweatshop.

Episode Two: How to ‘Hanap’ your creative groove
Mark and Rizcel open up about the developmental stages of their project and unwrap the cultural commonalities between them. They share some behind-the-scenes clips, a few lukewarm concepts and themes, and the creative homework tasks they set for themselves.

Episode Three: Representation or Stereotype?
Rizcel and Mark uncover their challenges, successes, and overall expectations for this project. Together they take a deep dive into Filipino representation in Australian media, and bond over their mutual love for Hi-5’s Kathleen De Leon.

Episode Four: It’s showtime!
Rizcel and Mark wrap the podcast and the first stage of their development with the ‘Hanap’ excerpts they prepared for the Magnify showcase in December 2021. ‘The Haircut Arcade’ and ‘Woodcroft Woes’ from ‘Hanap’ were written by Rizcel Gagawanan and Mark Mariano, with dramaturgy by Winnie Dunn and Claudia Chidiac.