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2024 Creative Arts Fund Application

by Phoebe Repeti

Part 1 - A little bit about you

This information is for internal use only and will not affect your application.
1. Do you identify with, or does your organisation serve, any of the following groups? (Can choose more than one)

Part 2 - Applicant information

1. Which of the following describes you? Please tick one.

Part 3 - Application questions

0 of 25 max words
(25 words maximum)
(Anytime after August 2024)
(must be completed before 30 June 2025)
(5 words maximum)
0 of 150 max words
(150 words maximum)
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(150 words maximum)
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Part 4 - Budget

Please note applications without a budget will not be considered. Successful applicants may not receive the full amount requested.


Please identify all sources of income for your project. This includes money, good or services that you will be receiving outside of the Blacktown City Creative Arts Fund.


Please itemise the costs of your project based on the amount you are requesting from the Blacktown City Creative Arts Fund. This means your total should equal the funding amount you are asking for.

Any artists included in your project must be paid. You will need to pay visual artists as per NAVA’s standard fees (https://visualarts.net.au) and/or Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance’s standard rates for performers and writers (https://www.meaa.org).

Use this template to prepare your budget and upload your file below.

Maximum file size: 134.22MB

Part 5 - Support Materials

Please upload support material with your application form that will help communicate who you are as an artist or organisation and your project.

Examples of support material could be:

• A short resume and/or bio about yourself/ your organisation and key personnel

• Evidence/samples of recent work from yourself and any other creatives who will be engaged in your project

• Sample writing, images, sound, video, or anything else that best represents your practice or project.

When uploading support material please consider the following:
• If submitting a video, please provide a URL from which the work(s) can be viewed, eg Vimeo or YouTube.

• If submitting images please use PDF (5 pages maximum) or JPG file (maximum 4 images) only. Maximum file size 2MB.

• Total of all files must not exceed 10MB.

Maximum file size: 20MB

PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG excepted.